The Ultimate Guide to Casino and Online Casino Betting


If you set foot inside a casino, or visit one online, you need to know what you’re doing. To make the most of the experience, and the money you bring with you, you need to understand how the main casino games work, the overall rules and conventions of casinos, and the etiquette to follow.


That might sound like a tall order, but we can make it all clear and simple for you with our casino and online casino guide. Whether you’re new to casino gaming, or you’re a veteran who wants to brush up, here we’ll explain all the basics you need to understand to get you started with casino gaming and to make sure you have fun.

How to Get Started at Casino Venues and Online?

Once you know what you’re doing, casino gaming can be immensely rewarding. Visiting a casino in person can be an exciting, lavish experience, whilst playing online can be just as thrilling. Plus it offers all the convenience of online betting.


But before you can get started with casino gaming, whether online or off, you’ll usually need to register with the casino.


If you’re visiting a casino venue, you’ll typically need to join as a member (or visit as a guest of a registered member) before you enter. You’ll have to bring valid ID with you and follow the casino’s registration process. You can often sign-up online before you visit, to make joining a quicker and easier process. Find out more here about visiting a Grosvenor Casino venue.


You’ll need to sign-up before you visit an online casino. To join Grosvenor Casinos all you need to do is:


Click on the Sign-Up button that can be found at the top right corner of this page.
Log-in if you already have a Grosvenor membership, including from one of our casino venues, or enter your details as a new player.
Once your account has been created, make your first deposit.
Take advantage of our welcome offers, then place your first bet on a casino game of your choice.


Rules of Casino Venues


When it comes to your behaviour in casinos, take a leaf out of James Bond’s book. Be kind, courteous, and gentlemanly as you play, treat the staff and other players politely, and you’ll make the most of your experience. Casinos will usually have their own house rules, but the following is good casino etiquette:


Don’t sit at a table game unless you’re intending to play.
Before you sit at a table, make sure you know the rules of the game being played. You can ask the dealer for clarifications, but you can’t expect them to explain the whole game to you.
Wait until the current hand is over before you take a seat at a table.
Don’t touch your chips/bet once you’ve placed it and the current round of the game has begun.
Don’t touch your winnings until the dealer at the table has counted them out and pushed them over to you.
Don’t use your phone whilst you’re sitting at a table.
Don’t comment on the hands or playing style of the other players at the table.
Don’t hold up the game unnecessarily.
The dealer is the boss. Whatever they ask you to do, do it.


Rules of Online Casinos


If you’re playing live casino games online, with a real-life dealer and other players at the table, then you should follow the rules listed above for playing at casino venues.


If you’re playing other casino games online, then you’ll need to abide by the rules of that specific online casino. You should also make sure that you understand the game you’re playing before you place your first bet.


Which Casino Games Should You Pick to Play?

The first time you enter a casino, or visit one online, it’s common to feel a little overwhelmed by the selection of games on offer. It’s vital that you understand the rules of a casino game before you start playing for money. But where do you begin? How do you decide which casino games are right for you, before you learn how to play them? We can help with that.


Casino gaming has a lot to offer. Before you place your first bet, you need to decide why you want to play and what’s most important to you about playing and your casino experience. Do you want a complex game or something easier and simpler? Do you want to find the best odds on offer, or is the thrill of playing more important to you?


Once you know why you want to play, use our casino guide to decide which games are right for you:


Casino Games with the Best Odds for Players

Whilst the odds are still in favour of the house, the following games offer you the best chances of winning:



Casino Games That Offer the Best Thrills

Whilst tastes vary, the following are usually considered the most viscerally exciting casino games:



Casino Games That Are Quick to Learn


The following games can be learned quickly, through watching and then a couple of rounds of play:



Casino Games That Take Years to Master


Whilst you can learn to play these games relatively quickly, they can take years to fully master and reward experience and dedicated play:


Gamble Responsibly: Betting Advice Before You Play


You’re all set to play. You’ve signed-up online, you’ve read our tips on casino etiquette, and you know what games you want to play. But before you place that first bet, make sure you understand how to gamble responsibly so your gaming remains fun and thrilling.


Start with a fixed amount of money you can afford to spend: Despite what you might read online, gambling is not a good way to make money. Whilst there’s always a chance you’ll win big, generally, the more you play, the more you lose. Treat gambling as entertainment. Before you start gaming, decide how much money you’re willing to spend, and then stick to it. Stop playing when you hit your limit.


Luck is the biggest factor when it comes to winning: Whilst there are steps you can take to nudge the chances of winning in your favour – like playing the games with better odds or opting for games like poker where skill plays a part – the main determinant of whether or not you win will be luck. Never lose sight of that.


The house always has the advantage: No matter what game you’re playing, the casino has better odds, meaning the maths is always on their side. The casino doesn’t need luck to win, but you will.


There’s no such thing as a hot streak: Just because you’ve won a bunch of bets in a row, that doesn’t make it more likely you’ll win the next one. No matter what’s happened in past bets, you’re still playing against the same odds. If you’re sitting on a pile of winnings, consider stopping whilst you’re ahead and cashing out, rather than playing on and risk losing it.


Don’t try to chase your losses: If you’ve lost winnings and if you’ve spent what you planned to spend, don’t be tempted to keep playing to try and recoup your losses. The odds are always stacked in the house’s favour, and the more you play the more you stand to lose.


Avoid gambling when you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs or not in a clear state of mind: Don’t gamble when you’re drunk or otherwise intoxicated, when you’re angry, lonely, stressed, or depressed, or in any other condition where you know you won’t place sensible bets.


Find Out More With Grosvenor Casinos

After you’ve digested the advice and tips in this casino guide, take a look at our dedicated guide to playing casino games. And then check out our guides for individual casino games, including roulette, online slots, blackjack, poker, and baccarat.


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Author: Eugene Edwards